Learn To Play Piano

Hello fellow music lovers!

When I began to look around for where I could find online information on how to learn to play piano and piano lessons on line I was amazed at all the claims and sites that were out there on the web.  Having a music degree and having played professionally I saw through some of the hype immediately. 

After thinking about it for a few days it seemed to me that a site to review some of these products that purport to help you learn to play piano would be a welcome resource for others, who might not have a music education background, and prove useful in eliminating some of the ‘noise’ and by providing some common sense focus on what works and what doesn’t.

Whether you’re an ’old hand’ at tickling the ‘88’s’ or someone who, as a kid,  played around on Grandma’s old upright, giggling at the odd sounds that came forth as you explored your way up and down that old yellowing ivory keyboard, everyone came to this grand old instrument through a desire to learn to play piano in some capacity.   

Why Piano?  The piano, by itself, is a one person band rolled into one instrument. It’s a little difficult to play chords on a trombone.  About all you can muster on the ‘bone-a-fone’ is a melody line.  But on the piano you play both melody and accompaniment on one instrument.   When you learn to play piano you play the same chord structure as an entire orchestra only not with as many ‘voices’. 

I want to do that…I want to learn to play piano.  We have all admired the gifted pianist at parties and gatherings.   Have you ever wished you too could command that kind of attention and respect.  Have you ever just wanted to lose yourself in the music that you love and music that gives you that special piece of mind?  The answer, of course, is “well certainly I have, that’s why I’m here!”

Why not me?  The reason that most of us find ourselves in such an envious position is usually twofold.  (1)  Many have started taking piano lessons in an attempt to learn to play piano only to succumb to the BOREDOM of tedious hours of scales playing Do-Re-Mi, ad nausiam, until we finally give up in frustrated or simply lose interest.  (2)   We simply don’t know HOW to go about to learn to play piano.

Well, we’ve found a great all round course titled Piano4All for those of you who are looking for a HOW-TO but also need to stay on your budget.   There are others out there but this is the best bang for the buck we’ve come across.

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Please allow me to share a few ‘secrets’ I’ve discovered over the years about music education and learning to play.

Secret #1.  Psssst, here’s a little secret that some music teachers either don’t know, don’t understand, or have simply forgotten as they engage with students and watch as they learn to play piano.  Music should be…no…MUST BE FUN…not tedium.  Going up and down the keyboard practicing proper fingering technique is important but sometimes music teachers get so caught up in the technique they forget to connect the dots and tell you WHY you need to be able to do that effortlessly.

Yes, it’s true that, later on when we begin playing more sophisticated music, we begin seeing recognizable patterns that are repetitive like chromatic runs.  And if we’ve practiced our scales diligently then when we get to those we can rip them off effortlessly.  That’s great, in theory, but how many people live in a ‘theory’ world?  They simply want to learn to play piano and have FUN as they do so. 

If you’re bored to tears and quit before you get to the point you can experience some success what have you accomplished?  You end up with a bad taste in your mouth or get the feeling that you’re not talented enough to play an instrument.

The end result of that is…you quit.  I can’t blame you really.  I don’t enjoy doing things that are more like a chore than fun either.

Secret #2.  After earning a degree in music education and spending many years playing as a professional musician I came to recognize, as I helped others learn, the importance of allowing people to have fun as they learn to play piano or any other instrument for that matter.  The ones who had fun…hung around and learned to play and the ones who didn’t have fun quit.  

Secret #3.  Piano lessons should NOT be painful or a thing to dread.  If you achieve early and continued success you will hunger for bigger and more dramatic successes.  I have spent a considerable amount of time finding several music programs that can help you learn to play piano or keyboards successfully.  With sound theory and technique as a given the primary criteria for each program was: Is the learning FUN?

No matter what style you wish to learn these programs or a combination of them can help you achieve your goal as a performer or casual musician.  The level of competence you wish to attain is the only variable that remains in question.  Remember, to arrive at ANY destination you must take a first step. 

Check out our collection of course reviews on how to learn to play piano.  I think you will find them truly helpful in identifying the outstanding ones.  Depending on your needs as a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player you will find courses here that can help you attain your goals.  Jump in and HAVE FUN!

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